Teego Pro Mat

A heavy duty 2-part golf mat package. One part is a stance mat, the other is a hitting mat. The stance mat ensures you're standing at the same level as the hitting mat and is safe for use with soft spikes.

The hitting mat has high-density nylon synthetic turf overlayed on True Feel backing. The sturdy nylon turf lasts years longer than typical polypropylene turf.  The True Feel backing creates a divot-like feel by allowing the turf to compress laterally when your club makes contact with the mat. This also absorbs the shock created by the impact of the clubhead, prevents soreness in your wrists and elbows.

The Teego ProMat is design to work perfectly with the Teego tee-up machine, simply turn the hitting mat perpendicular to the stance mat, set the Teego on the hitting mat, align the Teego "arm" and swing away for hours if you like!

Includes a wooden tee holder.